Let’s Uphold Good MLM Principles

Good MLM PrinciplesFrom being loved, to having a lot of haters, what happen to the MLM industry? What can we do to avert its worsening reputation?

Join us here as we discuss good MLM principles…

The Good MLM

When I first joined MLM, it was the products that attracted me. I had an uncle who was a distributor for what he referred to as a “healthier coffee”, he said it can help me cleanse my colon of wastes.

It was a coffee infused with a herbal mushroom called Ganoderma.

I had an irregular bowel movement then, and familiar with the horrors about having colon tumor. When your diet lacks fibers, movement of waste out of your colon is slow, giving illnesses like colon tumor a chance to grow.

So, being afraid of what might come, I tried uncle’s healthier coffee, and it worked. It was a relief, and I’m glad I got rid of my wastes. What’s better than enjoying a cup of delicious coffee, and at the same time, helping your colon eliminate wastes?

I not only become one of his loyal customers, I even signed up as a distributor to avail of discounts and have the opportunity to recommend the products to others who need it.

In less than two years of doing the business, I was able to recruit hundreds of distributors on my front line, and my team exploded on the succeeding levels.

My success secret? My own experience with the product being promoted.

The Bad MLM

The Bad MLMIt is common to hear stories like mine in MLM business—people experiencing good results with the products, and then telling others stories—of their experiences. By chain reaction, customers of the products multiply, thereby producing results for the recommenders.

The problem now is, when success stories circulate, a lot of people misinterpret it.

For the envious people, the can’t take it. And for the flawed individuals, they see it as an opportunity to hype others, and to even scam others. And that’s how MLM become bad in the eyes of others.

People becoming money-hound, making income claims and promises, front-loading, head-hunting, pyramiding, you name it.

The essence of helping, the essence of entrepreneurship is gone.

Now, how can we bring it back?

What can we do to bring back what used to be a good image of this industry?

Let’s Uphold Good MLM Principles

What are good MLM principles? What are the best practices in Multi Level Marketing business?

Let’s watch this video…

Jeff Babener is a practicing lawyer in the field of MLM, direct selling, or network marketing. If you have watched the video, you probably already have an idea of what is a legitimate MLM business, and what is not.

Let’s uphold good MLM principles. What’s better than making money and at the same time having peace of mind that you have not stepped on other people’s feet?


Multi-Level Marketing business is a good business, it is legitimate and not a scam. There is a difference between MLM and illegal pyramid scheme where people making money just by recruiting others. In a legit MLM, money is made more from selling products to outside customers, and not much from recruiting.

What else do you think is needed to make this industry better? You can put your suggestions below.

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