How To Succeed in MLM in 2019

So, here we go! 2019 is here. If you are considering joining an MLM business this year, I have here some quick tips for you. How to succeed in MLM in 2019!

But before we proceed, I encourage you to suspend any prejudice towards this business. You know, maybe you have a dose of negativity with all the negative reviews about this business.

It’s true, there are bad things about this industry, and sure, you can find online people who are against MLM. Add to that, there are numerous people out there who failed once doing this business and are bad-mouthing the business.

But get the big picture. In every industry, whether it be in sports, movie, or music industry… there are winners and losers. Wouldn’t it be great to listened to both winners and losers?

Don’t just listened to losers. Listen also to winners like me!

MLM Winners

What is MLM By The Way?

MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing.

It is a business wherein a company… instead of hiring salespeople on fixed salary compensation, choose to promote their products by giving their customers the incentive to recommend the products to others.

Instead of spending big money in advertising, the company gives the money to those successfully recommending the products to their own networks, in the form of commissions.

Those who get good results with the products recommend the products to others, and so on. You can imagine several levels of recommendation being produced.

I recommend the product to my friends and to my own network (my 1st level). My network recommends the product to their own network (my 2nd level and their 1st level), and so on. Hence, Multi-Level Marketing.

Succeed in MLM in 2019

What About Network Marketing?

As you can see in my example above, I recommend the product to my friends and family members, which is “my network”.

So, basically, MLM business thrives on people marketing to their own network.

Yes, you can build your business in MLM by utilizing traditional advertising. If you have a modest amount of money you can spend on advertising, you can try advertising in classified ads of a popular newspaper.

But that’s not “marketing to your network”. That’s marketing to strangers.

As a coach in MLM business, I recommend beginners to start marketing to their own network instead of jumping immediately to marketing to strangers. The reason is, your network already know you, trusts you, and perhaps likes you already!

Marketing to strangers, if you are not trained properly, can be so off-putting.

So, from this logic, came the words “network marketing”, or “marketing to your network”.

Marketing To Your Network

How To Succeed in MLM in 2019

Based on the assumptions we have here, there’s a huge potential with this business.

I said this because, the network you register with an MLM business is attached to bigger networks. Your network has people who have their own networks!

Your friend Jim in California has a friend Lucas in Vegas. Lucas has a friend Julio in Mexico. Julio has a friend Kim in Korea. The connections go on, and on. If you succeed in bringing them in, and they succeed in bringing their own networks in to the business, then you get a business that’s growing wildly all over the world!

Some guys outside of MLM that are criticizing this business may have overlooked this. They only focus on what’s negative about this business, and see only failures.

Yes, it is true. There are many people in here that are failing, but there’s an equal number of people here that are succeeding.

If you wanna succeed in this business, you should stop listening to your negative brother-in-law, or stop reading biased negative reviews against MLM.

Listen to me instead.

Use The Power Of The Internet!

This is 2019, this is not 1979.

In the comments section of my blogs on MLM, I often see people complaining about awful methods uplines teach. Methods like hosting meetings, talking to strangers, etc.

I hate them too.

If you find those antiquated techniques of getting people to your business very unpalatable, then I suggest exploring the use of the Internet.

Online MLM, baby.

Today, thousands (if not millions) are enjoying the ease of building an MLM home based business in the comfort of their homes (without leaving home). They are using the Internet!

That includes me.

Here’s a screenshot of the online tools my company provides.

MLM Online Marketing Tools

If you do not have these kind of tools provided by your company, how about moving to ours?

Click here for a private invitation.


I have a family member who wanted to join the trucking business years ago. Unfortunately, he got discouraged by those who have gone before him and failed. Had he listened to those successful, he may have already experienced success by now.

It’s the same here in MLM business.

Okay, you have listened to the negative reviews about MLM online. Wouldn’t it be fair and balanced if you also listen to me?

Trust me, this is a good business. You just have to do it right. And if you stick with me, we’ll both succeed in MLM in 2019.


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