Do You Own A Product? Think MLM!

do you own a productWhether you’re an inventor or an investor, this blog post is for you. We write a lot for MLM distributors, this time, we would like to write for the benefit of product owners.

Do you own a product?

That’s nice. It can be the start of something big, but how are you going to turn that idea into profits?

We often see people who are good at producing products, but are poor in marketing skills. They need help from people who are good at marketing, or else, they are bound to lose money—their money or their investors’ money.

Do you need a marketing team to help you promote your products?

Some Say “Affiliates!”

Are you familiar with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing done on the Internet.

Website owners who have their own following can the products on your behalf, in exchange for commissions. Since this type of marketing does not require big advertising money, this can be a good option for you.

Instead of hiring a sales force with fixed salaries, in affiliate marketing, you only pay for results—no sales, no commission being paid to promoting affiliates.

This can be a very good option for start-up companies with limited budget in hand.

But this can also be sometimes “boring”.

If you are looking for something dynamic in growth, then consider this another option…

Promoting Through Multi Level Marketing

You hire a programmer to create an MLM program that will calculate commissions for sales done by sales agents.

And similar to affiliate marketing, you only pay for results. There’s no ongoing paid advertising in tri-media platforms, you only pay commissions if there are sales—no sales, no payments from you.

But unlike affiliate marketing, sales agents are more motivated to promote the products because…

…they can get paid bigger money, as compared to just affiliate marketing.

They can get paid from their personal sales, and also from the sales done by their referrals (2nd level).

Some affiliate marketing companies, to make their programs attractive, they also implement something like this called “two-tier” affiliate compensation plan.

But Multi Level Marketing goes beyond that.

Motivated Sales Agents

Sales agents are motivated to train their downline team to recruit more agents that will help them generate more sales volume. They can get paid from the sales done by their referrals, and also by their referrals’ referrals, and so on.

Don’t worry about spending more than what your company is making, as you can arrange with your program that before calculating commissions, the company must set aside just a certain portion of the sales “earmarked” for agents’ commissions.

MLM’s Secret Weapon

Here’s another huge advantage of using Multi Level Marketing over other types of marketing:

“Word-of-Mouth Advertising”

Some people in the affiliate marketing world hate this because, they hate marketing to their friends and family members. They just hate that idea, and so the business that’s using it.

But did you know that, it really depends on the relationship of the marketer to his prospects that determine the results in a word-of-mouth advertising?

You may hear someone say, “Oh, I will never do that, because it sucks. My mother, or my friends will hate me if I promote products to them.”

Or, “Oh, my mom will surely love these products! This product really works great, I am going to share this to her, this will surely help her.”

So, do you see?

What is bad for the other, might be good for another.

RecommendationBut generally, a word of mouth advertising is very effective in the sense that, people only buy from those they “know, like, and trust”.

And that makes “person to person recommendation” easier than trying to market something to strangers over the Internet.


If you are an owner of a product, whether you’re an inventor or an investor who recently bought a product to be used for business, you should consider promoting it through Multi Level Marketing.

The cost is low, and the potential is really great.

Instead of spending big money hiring sales people on fixed salaries, instead of spending a lot of money in traditional advertising, an army of MLM sales agents will promote your product enthusiastically, and exponentially!

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