2 Basics Of A MLM Home Based Business

2 Basics Of A MLM Home Based BusinessIn most websites of MLM companies, you can find explanations on how the business work. Unfortunately, they are laid out in a way only few beginners can understand.

In this blog post, we hope to explain to the best that we can what are the basics of a MLM home based business. How are beginners supposed to operate the business, and how to make money.

Basic #1: Selling Your Products

As an MLM distributor, your job is to get the products at wholesale price, and sell them on retail to end customers. That’s how a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing business works, according to the law.

A lot of people hate this part of the business, as they think “selling” is a lowly job that only unemployable persons do.

Well, for us, entrepreneurs, selling is a noble work. Because, we see it as helping others by providing what they need.

Let’s suppose you have a friend that’s suffering from Cancer, and you are a distributor for a food supplement product that’s known to help Cancer patients boost their immune system. Isn’t it a noble work helping your friend?

Haters gonna hate, but if you look at this profession in the lens of “helping”, you will be blessed with a lot of retail sales, and of course, retail profits.


Basic #2: Sponsoring People

Sponsoring is another term for recruiting new members to your team.

As a MLM distributor, you are not limited to retailing products. Unlike other sales structures out there where the sales agents are stuck being a sales agent and never be a manager, in MLM, you can become like a manager right on the first day of your joining a company!

When you join a MLM company, you are given the privilege to both resell their products and build your own sales team by recruiting others. You are paid with team overrides the moment your team members retailing products to their own customers.

What it used to be “just recruiting”, to make it better, we changed the word “recruiting” to “sponsoring”.

To us, the word “sponsoring” has a deeper meaning. Like a sponsor to a child in Christian countries, you are supposed to act as a step father, to guide the child as he grows.

It’s the same with MLM sponsoring!

You guide your new business partner, on product retailing, and in sponsoring their own people.


The Power of These Basics

A lot of people look down at the basics. They see them as irrelevant or ineffective. They always look for the advanced strategies, things that they hope will bring magical results.

Of course, you can hear stories of lucky people in Multi-Level Marketing whereupon joining, they woke up to having a huge team under them because they were lucky to have recruited a big leader that brought in massive teams.

But that is very rare in MLM home based business.

Most of the time, the successful leaders that we see now, have grown their team and income by diligently doing the basics that we have shared.

By retailing products and training others to copy what you’re doing, you will be building a healthy team of distributors that’s consistently growing.

Consistently Growing Network

Don’t wait for luck. Start working by retailing and sponsoring. Remember, the only place where “success” comes before “work” is in the dictionary!

Work, and success will follow.


Multi-Level Marketing or network marketing (marketing to your network) is easy if you know the basics. Do the basics daily, and you’re in for something big.


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